Arlo camera setup






arlo camera setup

Arlo cameras are one of the best Netgear products that provide the user with absolutely brilliant wire-free HD cameras that can be used for both outdoors and indoors security solutions. They provide a very wide range of cameras to the users. Their products include wire-free security cameras, mobile cameras, AC powered cameras, baby cameras, and wire-free Wi-Fi controlled lights that can work all by itself or with any other Arlo cameras and a number of other accessories. Their cameras provide brilliant HD video quality, live streaming, cloud recording so that the user can still access the data even when they are away from the Arlo cameras, alerts and a lot of other features that allows the user to watch or record what they desire from the indoors as well as the outdoors. No one can be in two places at once and the Arlo cameras provide exactly the opposite of that. Now, two people can be at one place with the help of Arlo cameras.

The Arlo cameras need to be setup and logged in before the user can go on to use them. The user can login to the Netgear Arlo cameras by using the web domain Alternatively, if the user is setting up their Arlo cameras for the first time they can simply create an account for their Arlo cameras after setting them up.

The Arlo cameras need to be setup and an account has to be created regarding the Arlo cameras. The account lets the user configure, monitor, control and even repair the Arlo camera network by themselves.

Here are the steps to setup and login to the Netgear Arlo cameras

  1. Connect the Arlo( arlo camera setup) base station to the WAN port of the Netgear router using an Ethernet cable. Make sure that the connections are made properly.
  2. Connect the AC adaptor to the base station and plug it in to a power source.
  3. Power cycle the base station one time. The LED lights at the front of the base station will turn solid green after two minutes.
  4. The base station will be set up.

After the user has successfully setup the base station, the user has to register for an Arlo account. The Arlo account allows the user to control and configure the cameras from anywhere. Here are the steps to login to the Arlo cameras:

  1. Open up an internet browser and type in the address bar. Press enter.
  2. Click the New System Setup option.
  3. Enter the prompted information and click on Continue.
  4. Now, choose the serial number of your base station from the menu and click on Continue.
  5. Choose your time zone from the menu and click on Continue.

Your Arlo camera account will now be setup. You can configure or control the Arlo cameras from the same account.

How to change the username of a contact arlo camera setup 

  1. Login to your Arlo camera as the Administrator.
  2. Open the contact whose username you wish to edit or change.
  3. Press the Edit option.
  4. Click the Security tab from the menu.
  5. Enter the desired username in the field provided.
  6. Click on Save to save the changes made.

How to change the password for a contact

  1. Login as an Administrator for your Arlo camera.
  2. Open the contact you wish to change the password for.
  3. Press the Change Password option from the menu.
  4. Enter the new desired password.
  5. Press Save to save the changes made.


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