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The security system Arlo from Netgear with two HD cameras convinces in the test with its simple and fast setup and good operation. The fact is that all shots land in the cloud and only stay there for more than a week against a subscription spoils the overall impression. Well, the task of Arlo login is not an issue for the experienced as well as new users.

Netgear Arlo: Setup and Assembly through

The cameras of the Arlo system are operated completely wirelessly. They can be used very flexibly in and around the house. The necessary power is provided by four CR123 batteries, which, according to Netgear, a camera should be able to withstand for about half a year – in our practical test, we have received measurements that support this runtime and the process of Arlo login is also not time to consume. The scope of delivery includes two brackets that can be screwed to a wall – the camera is then attached to the bracket by a magnet. In addition, you have the option of screwing the cameras onto a tripod.

The base station must be connected to your router via LAN cable and connected to the power supply. The device is set up via an app on the Smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android). It is quite easy and quick. After a successful installation of the Arlo camera, you can now perform Arlo login by following some basic login steps which are mentioned on our set up guide.

FAQ For Arlo Camera

  • How can I manage the Arlo system?

You can control the Arlo system via app (Android or iOS) or via PC with the web app or

  • Will I get any notification once I finished a recording through my Arlo camera?

Yes, you’ll receive a notification on the phone that a recording has been taken. These notifications cannot be easily turned off in the app.

  • How will I able to see a live recording of my home or office through my Arlo system?

On request, you can also look live in the app or web app, what is going on at home. You can manually record videos (even longer than ten seconds) or photos. The cameras also have a night mode thanks to several infrared lamps around the lens. The nightly live view, as well as pictures in black and white, offers a good sharpness.

  • What is the time limit of having backup of my last recording on Arlo camera?

Your recordings are backed up to a maximum of one gigabyte of storage space for seven days. In the Premier package can control up to 10 cameras from a base station, the recordings stay 30 days to 10 GB – cost 8.99 Euros per month or 89 Euros per year. Last but not least, there is also the Elite package for up to three base stations, 15 cameras and 60 days storage on 100 GB of storage space. For either 13.99 Euros per month or 139 Euros per year are due.

  • Will we able to get sound along with images through Arlo recording?

Buyers of a wire-free system are prepared for all cases. Restrictions exist at most in the operation as a baby camera – because the Arlo transmits images, but no sound.

  • How this app help us to automate various recordings in a particular time frame?

The app offers a lot of ways to automate recordings. It is thus possible to define via rules on which days and at which times the motion detection is to be active – if several Arlos are installed, also individually for each camera.

  • Is it safe to transmit videos to the cloud and from there to the app?

The transfer of videos to the cloud and from there to the app is safe. In the laboratory check of AV-Test, the Arlo was no nakedness. If you also activate the e-mail notification in addition to push messages in the app, you should only consider that the server sends a link for inclusion in the e-mail.

If you know him, you can watch the clip in the browser for 24 hours – without having to log in to the website with an Arlo account.


  • How is Arlo camera useful not only for big organization but for common people too?

Arlo wireless cameras help in monitoring babies, children, grandma, grandpa, dogs, cats – in the worst case, even burglars. They are considered to be the best choice for security purpose. The Arlo camera is an excellent camera for monitoring your home and farm.

  • Why talking and remote listening is not a feature of the Arlo camera?

Microphone and speakers are not installed in the video cams, so that’s the reason why remote listening and talking via camera are therefore not possible.

  • How will I able to know if any strange person or thing came around my surrounding?

The weatherproof indoor-outdoor cameras (protection class IP65) have installed night vision and motion sensors. The latter can trigger an alarm as soon as people, animals or objects move in the field of vision.

  • How could I watch the recording or a video clip of Arlo camera through my gadget?

Alarms, including video clips, are transmitted to all devices connected to the Arlo cloud, such as PCs, laptops, tablets and Smartphone, anywhere in the world where Internet access is possible. So you can watch, for example, the video of the burglary, as soon as the rogue at home was caught by the motion sensor.

  • Please tell us the easy installation method for Arlo?
  • The starter kit includes two Wi-Fi cameras and a WiFi base station. The cameras can also be bought separately without a base station. In the test, a starter set plus two additional cameras, in total four Arlo video cameras at an Arlo base station, was used.
  • If everything goes so smoothly, the user really has almost no idea about IT, network, Wi-Fi, router, cloud, DHCP and IP address assignments. According to comments on the Internet but there should also be cases in which the initial device did not work so spontaneously.
  • If you need more than five Wi-Fi cameras at the same time, you must have a second Arlo base station. With eleven to 15 cameras you need a third base station.
  • Is cloud accessible via desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone?

In the test, the Arlo Cloud was always accessed quickly with very different end devices. Used an Acer Predator came 5900 tower, a 4K laptop Toshiba Satellite P50t-B-10T (Windows 8.1), an Apple iPhone 6 Plus and an LG G4 Smartphone including Android – app from the Google Play gates .

  • Through which application we can access the Arlo on our Smartphone?

Netgear has an official app for Arlo on both the Google Play Store and Apple’s Appstore. Android and iOS apps are doing well, and controlling the cams is really fun on the large displays on the 5.5 “testers. In principle, the user in the app has the full range of functions as on the Windows machine.

  1. Can we download the video clip manually?

Yes, the videos can be manually downloaded for each model of Arlo and thus permanently archived.

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